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Writing a legally binding Will requires a certified solicitor to make it legally standing. This may include who will inherit your estate, how your wealth and possession is distributed, funeral arrangements and children’s custody post-mortem.

Leaving an invalid and uncertified Will behind can cause more problems for your family than solving them, as without a certified Will, your wealth and possessions will be distributed in accordance with the British law, rather than how you would like it to be. 

As an official member of The Society of Will Writers, you can put your mind at rest knowing that you will get the best legal advice possible, done by certified Will writers with years of experience.

There are numerous reasons for writing a Will, such as assigning emotionally significant assets like family heirlooms, choosing your Executors (personal representatives that enforce your wishes in your Will) and choosing who benefits from your estate and possessions. 

Writing wills can be a very sensitive and emotional matter, which is why we provide an exceptional level of support to help you get your mind at ease. 

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